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You come to Lot 18 because you love to buy and drink great wine! Maybe you don’t always know what you are looking for or you are unsure which wine you might want to pair for your dinner party? You could be buying a gift for your boss or attending a function where you think it may be appropriate to bring a bottle…

I am here to help! For the past nine months I have been working on bringing a website to life that will speak to the young, millennial generation (of which I am a part of) about all things beverage but in particular: WINE. The site will feature interviews with famous beverage professionals, wine recommendations, funny stuff, wine region overviews, and more. It is intended to educate but more importantly to make the under 30 set feel more comfortable around wine. Put simply; it is to help take the pretention out of the process.

For those over 30 you may still find the content useful, enjoyable or even funny. If nothing else, this site will have one thing of value to you: me! If you go to the site and click on the contact page, you can easily send me an email. Tell me about your beverage dilemma, it can be ANYTHING, and I will personally respond with my suggested choice(s). Give as much context as possible...what's the occasion, what you are planning on eating, etc. and I will reply with what I would drink in your situation. It may help, it may not, but it will only take a minute. If you enjoy your experience, tell a friend!

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