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Spring is in the air. Cue Edvard Grieg's "Morning Mood" and the cartoon birds, please. Now that the weather is finally getting nice, you might be excited about planting that award-winning garden, or planning that once-in-a-lifetime camping trip, or insert whatever outdoor activity that's your jam. Can you feel the warm sun caressing your face yet?

Not me. I'm planning to park myself in front of the TV with a nice bottle of wine, thankyouverymuch. The only rays I'm going to be getting are the ones from my tube. If you're like me and want to cozy up to a good show and enjoy some vino, turn on your Amazon, Netflix or Hulu. Here are my top six shows to OD on and the wines that complement them.

Ready, get set, drink!

Good Girls Revolt

First up on my list is Good Girls Revolt, an Amazon original drama series set at a fictitious magazine office in New York City during the turbulent late '60s. Inspired by real events, the female researchers at the magazine (modeled after Newsweek), decide to ask for equal treatment and equal pay. This series depicts how that simple request complicates their professional and personal lives. This show has it all – groovy clothes, girl power, even a historical element. Unfortunately, it wasn't renewed for a second season despite great reviews and even an online petition to save the show – so don't get too attached.

This feminist-themed drama would pair nicely with a complex Cabernet Sauvignon. I'm going to try the 2015 Strato Paso Robles.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

I love drama as long as it's not mine, so Crazy Ex Girlfriend is right up my alley. It's a musical romantic comedy sitcom on the CW. Rachel Bloom, the series co-creator, is also the star of the show. She plays Rebecca Bunch, a highly-educated and neurotic New York City lawyer who, after a chance encounter with her first love, decides to drop everything and move across the country to follow/stalk him. I want to hug the protagonist and shake some sense into her at the same time. Rebecca, if you're reading this, call me.

The series has been renewed for a third season and would be delightful with a bottle of refreshing Pinot Grigio. I'm opening a bottle of 2014 Mythmaker Monterey County Pinot Gris as I type this.

Master of None

Next up on my queue is Master of None, a Netflix original comedy series loosely based on comic and actor Aziz Ansari's life. It's created by Ansari, a Parks and Rec alum, and writer Alan Yang, and features Ansari as Dev, an actor struggling to make it in New York City while exploring what it's like to be young and single today. It's an upbeat and modern coming-of-age story that touches upon race issues, social etiquette, family matters and so much more. It also has a diverse cast (yay!) and strong guest actors like Claire Danes and Danielle Brooks. The show's second season is set to premiere in May.

An easygoing and smooth Merlot, just like Dev's personality, would go well with the show. I like the 2014 When Wolves Attack Paso Robles Merlot.


For a darker comedy, there's Fleabag, a biting British comedy series created by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Fleabag (her real name is never revealed) spends her days dating the wrong men and trying to save her guinea pig-themed cafe from bankruptcy. Her family is as dysfunctional as they come, and she is delightfully rude, saying things you wish you could but are too polite to. She's a mashup of Bridget Jones and Hannah Horvath (Girls), sprinkled with a heavy dose of Ali Wong (which by the way, if you haven't watched Baby Cobra yet, do it NOW!). Season two of Fleabag has been confirmed to air next year.

Try a dark and brooding Pinot Noir like the 2014 Morningside Monterey with this – followed by a shot of Tequila. No, really, do it.

Veronica Mars

I love me some Veronica Mars, and I'm excited that there's been talk about a possible limited six-episode continuation in the near future. I plan to re-watch all three seasons, plus the movie, because this show is epic. The teen noir comedy-mystery debuted almost 13 years ago on the UPN (am I dating myself?) and finished up on the CW. Each episode revolved around a specific case, with an over-arching mystery for the season. Veronica is a tough, sassy, get-it-done sleuth portrayed by Kristen Bell. The romance between Veronica and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Logan, is one for the history books, people.

I'm going to pour a bold Sangiovese for this one. 2015 Culaccino Sangiovese IGT Puglia, I'm looking at you.

The New Yorker Presents

And finally, whenever I'm feeling fancy – or guilty from overindulging in too much TV – I put on The New Yorker Presents. This Amazon documentary series from the magazine of the same name is an amalgamation of documentaries, short narrative films, comedy, poetry, animation and cartoons. Each half-hour episode, 10 in total, is made up of smaller vignettes that cover a wide range of subjects and topics, like Marina Abramović's artwork or an interview with the Naked Cowboy of Times Square fame. I can actually feel myself getting smarter with each viewing. OK, maybe that's the wine talking. No word on if there's going to be a season 2, but I hope so, since there's nothing else like this series out there.

An elegant Malbec would make a good accompaniment, and the 2015 Tremolo Mendoza Malbec is in my shopping cart.

What makes your drink-and-watch list?

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