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On the Road to Vinexpo

This weekend, our President, Philip James, our VP of Products, Dini Rao, our Imported Wine Specialist, Janine Lettieri and I leave for Bordeaux. We’re headed to Vinexpo, the world’s largest international wine and spirits trade show. Situated in the wine world’s commercial capital, Bordeaux, this show is so massive an undertaking that it can only take place every other year. The main exhibition hall is so large that it stretches from one highway exit to another; with over a million square feet of meeting and exhibition space, the Bordeaux Lac convention center would be the 8th largest convention center in the USA. And amazingly, this building sits mostly idle in the 103 weeks between Vinexpos.

In many ways, this will be Lot18’s coming out party on the world stage. Since launching exclusively with domestic wines 7 months ago, we’ve enjoyed amazingly positive responses from our members, the blogosphere and the traditional press.

Janine and I have been curating international wines for Lot18 for 3 months now, but we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. We’re going to be looking for the very best wines from around the world with the goal of bringing them to Lot18’s members and we’ll be sending back updates on our progress.

We’d like your feedback on what we should be looking for at Vinexpo. We’re planning on spending lots of time talking to producers from Italy, Bordeaux, Argentina and the South of France. What is on your wish list?

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