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Our Members Are Driving Us To Drink!

At our lively headquarters in NYC, the wine is always flowing so we can find new bottles to cater to our members' diverse palates. Our customers range from those who can't tell a Pinot from a Cabernet, to absolute wine aficionados. In order to cater to everyone's wide array of tastes, we need to hit the bottle hard.

Our in-house sommeliers—who hail from Michelin 3-Star restaurants—travel the world to visit top wine regions to source the best wines, and only a select few will get a callback to our offices for us to taste test! We taste over 100 wines each week in office (and counting), and vow to only 1 of 50 to make the cut.

Of course, our tasting team would not be complete without you! Upon signup, we send you your 6 bottle tasting kit to sip and rate. Your ratings inform your unique Wine Profile, which you'll receive instantly after rating the wines in your kit. We then send you a shipment of full-sized bottles tailored to match your preferences.

You can also rate subsequent shipments so we can refine your shipments even more so over time. The longer you are a member, the better we're able to tailor wines to your liking so each future shipment will be better than your last! Like Cabernet Sauvignon? We'll find you the best vintage. Have your heart set on some crisp summer rosé? We've got you covered! We're so confident we can match you up with your new favorite wine, that every bottle comes backed by our Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

Which wines are best suited for you? We make it our mission to find out and deliver it right to your door.

Update: Special offer for you and your taste buds! Follow this link to get your wine tasting kit for just $6.95 (originally $39.95)!

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