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Party in Style for the Oscars

The 89th Academy Awards are this weekend, and whether you're hate-watching or on the edge of your seat for each announcement, we've got some party tips for you. Why should movie stars get all the glamour and glitz?

Prep by sticking some sparkling wines in the fridge. Break out your fanciest Champagne glasses and homemade wine charms. Set out some crowd-pleasing snacks, like a cheese plate, some guacamole, or a platter of bruschetta. Then glam up the room with as much glittery and gold Christmas decoration as you can find! For some extra fun, pass out some note cards and get your friends to vote on Best Outfit, Best Speech, Funniest Entrance and more.

Plus, did you know that Tasting Room is hosting its own ceremony, the Tasting Choice Awards? Cast your vote for your favorite wines in categories like Best Wine in a Lead Role, Best Supporting Wine for Dinner, and Best Foreign Wine. Then find out which wines received a Tasty Award on Monday. Sip, sip, hooray!

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