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In my shoebox of an apartment in SoHo, storage space is scarce. It’s important that many of my possessions serve more than one function, and this is particularly true in the kitchen.

Though they might seem like special occasion items, the elegant, slender boards made by Brooklyn Slate store easily and serve many purposes. And while I rarely entertain in such restricted square footage, with my boyfriend recently in town, I’ve suddenly had reason. He has a knack for foraging from across the entire island of Manhattan, which means I’ve recently put my boards to use with all sorts of delicious treats. Here are a few ways we’ve set meals on stone.

Cheese Plate: It’s obvious: dark stone, light cheese, easy cleanup. Plop runny washed-rind or bloomy-rind cheeses on the cool, flat slate. After creamy curds run over the stone, scrape off with cheese knives and then wash the remnants of a luxurious meal with a simple scrubbing. If cheese neophytes come to your cocktail party, scribble the names of each type on the board with the handy slice of soapstone included with the board: It’s better than chalk.

Charcuterie Smorgasbord: We assembled cured meats to our hearts’ content: Enormous chunks of pheasant and venison pâté, plus French cornichons, whole grain mustard, and Norcino salami from Olli Salumeria.

Dessert: Inscribe messages in dual places. Once I took the time to whip out my pastry bag and food coloring to decorate cupcakes, I was more than ready to write. A whimsical moment with the wedge of soapstone later, my board was as decorated as the fluffy pastries themselves.

And the list goes on…Chocolates? Seared scallops? Summer vegetable medley? Toasting crostini? I can’t help but plate with this feast-worthy slate.

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