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Producer Spotlight: Masseria Nardelli

Welcome to the latest installment of our new series highlighting the wineries and producers that craft the wines for Tasting Room! We're excited to show you some behind-the-scenes photos and give you a peek at how some of our bold Italian wines are made at Masseria Nardelli in southern Italy.

Nardelli was founded three generations ago with the intention to express Puglia's uniquely authentic terroir and winemaking traditions. Today it combines a respect for the old ways and the latest innovations in technique, both in the methods used in the fields and in the minds of the producers.

The vineyards are located on 350 hectares of land, where cold, limestone rock is hidden beneath the surface, surrounding the vine roots and encouraging vigor and freshness from the grapes. On the surface, the grapevines sprout from red earth that basks under the powerful southern Italian sun, while the winds of the tramontana and Mediterranean sea in the distance provide a fresh breeze on long, hot days.

Appassimento is an old, Italian method of drying harvested grapes for up to several months to concentrate the sugars and flavors. At Nardelli, wine made in this way results in a bold, dark and unflinching red, with extracted flavors of blackberry jam, vanilla bean and cherry preserves. The wine spends up to a year in barrel, with the oak providing a spicy structure for the ripe fruit. A warm, lingering finish completes the memorable experience.

But don't take our word for it; try the 2015 Nardelli Appassimento Edizione Vino Rosso for yourself! It's on sale now in Tasting Room's Bottle Shop.

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