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Producer Spotlight: Weingut Reverchon

Welcome to the first installment of our new series highlighting the wineries and producers that craft the wines for Tasting Room! We're excited to show you some behind-the-scenes photos and give you a peek at how our popular German Rieslings are made at the historic Reverchon estate.

Photo courtesy of Reverchon

Located at the lower end of the Saar River in the Mosel region, the estate was property of the church until 1685, when it was purchased by the influential Staadt family. But it wasn't until 1921 that a Huguenot banking family by the name of Reverchon took over the land as their summer residence and built a 600-square-meter wine cellar and press room there. Reverchon went on to become the biggest and most renowned wine estate along the Saar, but eventually became run down and financially insolvent three generations later, due to mismanagement.

An entrepreneur by the name of Hans Maret (pictured below, on left) took over the estate in 2007 and proceeded to invest heavily in the modernization of the cellar. He and his team grew the vineyards from 8 to 20 hectares, improved the vine quality, and brought the estate back to life.

Photo courtesy of Reverchon

Today Reverchon owns an impressive portfolio of Mosel vineyards and produces world-renowned wines without the use of machines in the vineyards, which are located at 160 to 250 meters above sea level, on scenic steep slopes. The prevailing dark Devonian slate soil stores the heat from the sun during the day and releases it at night, leading to optimal ripening conditions for the grapes, which are picked and sorted by hand.

Photo courtesy of Reverchon

Production begins as late as possible in the season and lasts until mid-November so that the low-yielding, small-berry vines are given a chance to produce wines of great depth, high density and high complexity.

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