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Red, White … and Blue?

Would a wine of another color taste just as sweet? That's the question to be asking now that Spain has come out with a blue wine called Gïk. Yes, a blue wine – and it's not a dark, inky bluish hue, but a bright shade similar to Gatorade's Glacier Freeze. Surprisingly, the wine's color is completely natural, the result of two pigments found in grape skins, anthocyanin and indigotine.

The wine was masterminded by chemical engineers at the University of the Basque Country who wanted to create something different. They blended together red and white juice from Spanish and French grapes, then added grape must to produce the most enticing shade of blue, as well as non-caloric sweeteners to enhance the taste. The resulting Frankenwine is said to pair well with guacamole and sushi.

Gïk has already been unleashed in Europe, where it's performing rather poorly, according to this Chicago Tribune story. According to the European Union, it's not even wine; the regulatory body has decreed that Gïk must be labeled 99% wine and 1% grape must. We'll see how it does when it arrives on the shores of America this month. The United States will be labeling Gïk as blue wine and selling it in Florida, Massachusetts and Texas for now. Retail price is approximately $15 a bottle. If you can't wait for it to arrive on the shelves of your local shop, go ahead and order it through Gïk's website.

What do you think? Will you be giving blue wine a chance?

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