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Rosé at the Jazz Age Lawn Party

We attended one of the most exciting throwback events of the year last month, the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island in NYC. (Another party will take place August 26-27.) Courtesy of VieVité, we indulged in the vices of the day, took photographs galore, and made some new friends. We enjoyed plenty of music, including Michael Arenella and the Dreamland Orchestra, among others, and some amazing dancing, my favorite performance by Roddy Caravella and the Canarsie Wobblers. There was even an old-fashioned barbershop set up under one tent, where some men got the classic shave and a haircut deal.

For its 12th year of the celebration, people came in jazz age costumes of all colors to dance, drink and hang out in the sunshine. The heat was strong that day, so we were grateful to VieVité for providing cold glasses of their Côtes de Provence Rosé, and seats in the shade.

Lots of people came and picnicked on blankets with wine and other refreshments, enjoying the music and occasional busking. There were even some vintage cars on hand for the 1920s Motorcar Exhibition.

Although rosé wasn't the drink of the times, it made for a perfect refreshment on that hot, faux 1920s day. Some of the best parts were of course the costumes and the beautiful views at Governors Island. We had a great time and took the last ferry home, a journey over water back to 2017.

Interested in taking your own trip back in time? Tickets for the next Jazz Age Lawn Party in August are on sale now.

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