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Save Your Covid Thanksgiving with This Wine Plan

With Thanksgiving dinner looking like an iffy proposition this year, your family may be considering a Zoom get-together instead of gathering in person. But there's one thing that you can have in common across all your dinner tables — the wine!

While your dinners may not all look the same, imagine if each of your households pulls out the same bottles to drink with each course! Discussing what you're tasting would make for some great conversation and keep everyone connected over a common experience.

Here's what we recommend you drink with each course. Just make sure everyone participating places their orders in time for Thanksgiving delivery! Or maybe you want to perform a Thanksgiving miracle and treat everyone to their bottles. If there's ever a year to spread a little more joy and love during the holiday season, this is it.

Begin and end with a sparkling wine

Sparkling wine prepares your palate for all the wonderful flavors to come. It's great as an aperitif and the perfect foil for fried or salty appetizers. At the end of the meal, bubbles are a great pairing for decadent desserts such as pumpkin pie.

Suggested wines: Marquis de la Mystèriale Champagne; Mas Fi Brut Rosé Cava DOC NV

Drink a lean white wine with the vegetable side dishes

Serving green bean casserole, roasted Brussels sprouts, or an herb stuffing? Drink an austere and acidic white to highlight the vegetal and herby flavors of these side dishes. It'll also cleanse the palate for the richer main course to come.

Suggested wines: Ostra Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc; L'Esprit de L'Escalier Bordeaux Blanc

Pour red wine for the turkey

For the main event, a red wine with relatively light tannins will do the trick. Turkey is great with the red fruit flavors abundant in certain reds such as Pinot Noir and Merlot. Any wine with a profile of red berries, baking spices, or earth would do well.

Suggested wines: Silver Mile Mendocino Merlot; Arenoso Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir

Happy Thanksgiving!

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