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Don't Waste a Drop of That Wine

At a wine tasting event we recently attended, they gave us some fun swag. One of the things we received was a wine bottle drip stopper, and I was so impressed!

If you've never used one of these, it's a small disc that you curl up and insert into the spout of your wine bottle. The reflective bottom holds it in place, and it creates an extended spout for you to pour the wine out of.

The sharp edge created by the disc stops unintentional dribbling better than the rounded edge of the bottle spout.

The drip stoppers are reusable. Once you're done pouring, just rinse it off and keep it somewhere safe for next time.

You can buy drip stoppers at wine stores or on Amazon. The one that I used was by DropStop, where you can get custom bottle drop stoppers printed.

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