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Sourcing The Best Wines on Earth

A good friend recently asked me: “How do you pick your wines?”

I realized we need to do a better job of telling you about what we do behind the scenes at Lot18.

It all begins with our team of vagabonding wine specialists.  They dispatch to places like Sonoma, Walla Walla, Bordeaux, and Paso Robles, on a relentless search for the world’s best wine.  They scour tasting rooms, spelunk in wine cellars, and saddle up to small-town bars on their quest to uncover best-kept secrets in wine making and drinking.

It helps that our wine specialists are veritable rockstars on the wine scene. Two have made it to the final stage of the Master Sommelier exams and three have made it equally far in pursuit of becoming Masters of Wine — of which there are only 27 in the US. We poached sommeliers who once served at the French Laundry and Le Bernadin.

Our deep experience in the wine industry –- more than 130 years combined — means we have traveled the backroads to the world’s top wineries, and that over years of sipping together, their winemakers have become our good friends.

Each year, on our hunt to discover the best wines on the planet, we taste at least 50,000 wines from hundreds of grape types and regions. Hard work, I know.

As we taste all that wine, we build up a vast repository of knowledge on the best wine values.  We know what a $40 Napa Cab should taste like, and we know how to get it to you for a great price.  Out of every ten wines we taste, maybe only one will make the Lot18 cut.

As wine explorers, we pride ourselves on being wine adventure guides, too: We want to take away any fear or intimidation that comes with trying the world’s finest wines by giving you great values.  Our goal is to clear the roadblocks that stand between you and your own wine explorations.

Each journey to find a great wine for the Lot18 collection ends with a sense of gratitude to the amazing winemakers who hosted our adventures and with a feeling of elation for having found a wine for the offering. And, as with any great discovery, we can’t wait for what happens next: We get to tell our friends, the members of Lot18, what we’ve found.

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