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Host a Regional Wine Night

Need an excuse to share more wine with your friends, but dinner parties not really your thing? Here's an idea to spice up your wine nights: Throw a regional wine party!

First, decide which region you'd like to feature at the party. You can go broad, with New World or Old World, or narrow it down to a single country or even state. Then assign each guest a wine to bring from an area within that region. For example, if your theme is Old World wines, one guest can bring a French wine, another an Italian bottling, and so forth.

If you and your wine-savvy friends are partial to a specific area, like Argentina, have each guest bring a wine from there so you can compare its wines.

Get crafty and make themed invitations for your party, even if it's for just a few friends. Whip up a cheese platter as a palate cleanser and to give your guests something to munch on. No need to go crazy, though – with the right friends and wines, any tasting party will be just perfect.

Kick-start your party with the Taste the World Case of Wines or the Vive La France Half Case!

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