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Spotted at the Grocery Store: Wine-Flavored Iced Tea

Put away the Lipton — there's a much more awesome iced tea to be had this summer. The Republic of Tea is selling a variety of wine-flavored iced tea teas, including Chardonnay, Cabernet and Rosé, at stores and on its website.

It's ingenious, even if it's not quite your traditional iced tea. In each "tea pouch," the tea leaves are replaced by fresh-harvested fine-wine grape skins from Sonoma County. The ingredients for the Chardonnay iced tea also include "apple bits, organic lemongrass, natural white wine flavor, organic orange peel, natural pineapple and peach flavors, sweet blackberry leaves and natural peach juice." Yum.

The Republic of Tea website even gives wine pairings for its iced teas on the website. The Chardonnay one would match well with "strong cheeses such as aged goat and blue" and "creamy pasta dishes like chicken tetrazzini," while the Cabernet should be enjoyed with "sausage gumbo, pizza with olives and tomatoes and heavy stews." Hmm, not exactly light summer fare ... but who cares? I'm steeping a pitcher of the stuff as I type this.

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