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Summer Cocktails: It's All About the Cubes!

Of course you're having a nice bottle of Napa Cab with dinner. But your guests will be arriving an hour and half before the meal starts, and they're going to want a  pre-dinner cocktail to get things going. Instead of serving the standard fare, dress things up a little. Opt for uniquely shaped ice molds or try adding a garnish to the inside of the ice cube. The flavor will lightly infuse the drinks with each sip, resulting in a fun evening with your creativity remaining a topic of discussion the next day.

For your next gin and tonic, a nice touch is a lemon cucumber that has been sliced and frozen into a large cube.

Mojitos are another easy one for large ice cubes — just freeze fresh mint leaves directly into the cubes and taste the flavor with each sip.

For the non-drinker in the crowd, go with heart-shaped ice cubes frozen with pomegranate seeds and topped with sparkling water. It's a fun, easy, delicious drink to serve.

Have an idea of your own for spicing up pre-dinner cocktails? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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