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Taco 'Bout an Awesome Match

Tacos with beer may be the classic combination, but here's a little secret: tacos with wine is amazing. All the fresh, bursting flavors that you find in a good taco are only enhanced by wine. The key, of course, is knowing which wine is the right one for the particular taco you're having. For that information, I turned to our resident sommelier, Jennifer Ingellis. Here's what she had to share.

Fish tacos
If you're feasting on fish tacos, the wine should be matched according to the type of fish and its preparation. For a fried white fish, go with a wine that pops with bright acidity and juicy citrus flavors, such as the 2017 Zeste! Central Coast Sauvignon Blanc. If you're dealing with a grilled salmon or ahi tuna taco, try a rosé with sweeter fruit flavors and enough acidity to cut through the fatty texture of the fish, like the 2017 The Raven Paso Robles Grenache Rosé.

Carne asada tacos
Grilled steak doesn't stand a chance against a smoky Cab, and the 2016 Stemwinder Mendoza Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina partnered with carne asada tacos will haunt you long after the meal is over. The hint of smoke and dark fruit flavors perfectly complement the grilled flavor of the meat.

Shrimp tacos
Top your shrimp tacos with a tropical fruit salsa and pair it with a wine that also features fleshy tropical flavors for the perfect match. The 2017 AB Valley Wines Alvarinho Minho would do nicely. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Carnitas tacos
Sweet, sweet pork, meet your match. Carnitas needs to be tamed by a wine with ripe berry fruit notes and a balancing acidity. The 2016 Curieuse Vin de France Syrah more than does the trick, complementing the sweetness of the pork and refreshing your palate for another bite.

Veggie and cheese tacos
It can be tough to find a match for the vegetal flavors of a veggie and cheese taco, but the 2017 Garúa Chilean Carménère is up for the job. The bell pepper and currant notes and acidity in the wine picks up the same green, earthy notes in the vegetables, while the cheese in the tacos adds just enough richness to mellow the tannins in the wine. If a match made in taco heaven!

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