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Thanksgiving Wine Pairing Cheat Sheet

Let's talk turkey and wine. Once again, Thanksgiving has sneaked up on you, and while you probably have a good idea of your menu at this point, you're not sure about the wines you're serving with each course. This year, wow your guests with your spot-on pairing skills (aka, this handy cheat sheet). They won't know how you managed to pair your wines with the skills of a sommelier, but they sure will be thankful for it.

Appetizers with Moscato
If you're serving small bites before the big meal such as cured meats, soft cheeses, or crudite, Moscato is the perfect partner. Sweet, fruity and versatile, this delicate white can cut through the saltiness and high fat content of cured meats and cheese, while also complementing the vegetal crunch of carrots, celery, and cucumbers.
Our recommendation: Bacini Manzoni Moscato

Roasted vegetables with Carménère
Carménère is a little bit like Cabernet Franc, a little bit like Merlot, but it's really its own thing — and you'll score points with your guests for being off the beaten path. Rich, plummy, and slightly herbaceous, it makes a great match for many vegetable side dishes that are slightly smoky in flavor. Think: roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta.
Our recommendation: 2017 Mareas Chilean Carménère

Turkey with Zinfandel
There are many theories when it comes to turkey and wine pairing, but the classic choice is Zinfandel. The rich, fruit-forward flavors of berry and earth are the perfect foil for turkey meat, while the lower tannin levels serve to moisten the meat. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Zinfandel is known as an all-American grape, adding to the theme of the meal!
Our recommendation: 2017 Mulberry Road Cellars Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel

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