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Wining About Thanksgiving

The turkey may get top billing on Thanksgiving, but here's what everyone's actually looking forward to at the dinner table: the wines you're pouring. After all, it's wine that makes the food taste extra good and keeps your guests happy. But don't limit yourselves to just drinking wine this year – get creative with it!

Feeling crafty? Got a bunch of wine corks lying around? If the answer to both those questions is a simultaneous yes, have I got a DIY project for you. Turn your used corks into this conversation-starting cork wreath for your front door or mantle. (And if halfway through putting it together you find that you're rapidly losing interest, just hedge your bets with these cork coasters instead.)

Long after the turkey has been carved and devoured, what your guests will remember are these cranberry Champagne cocktails that you served. They're so perfectly festive – Thanksgiving in a wineglass.

Wine charms are totally passé. This year, break out the wine glass writer, a totally easy and clever way for your guests to keep track of their glasses and practice their penmanship.

Ensure that your crazy cousin John isn't sitting next to your decidedly less crazy coworker Lindsay with these cork place card holders. Or maybe … seat them next to each other and watch the sparks fly?

If you're going to serve a salad at your Thanksgiving dinner, at least make it red-wine flavored.

Coffee, tea … or spiced Cabernet? Offer your guests something different with their pumpkin pie this year. Guaranteed they'll still be talking about it at next year's dinner.

When your entire extended family is sitting around your living room after the meal, slack-jawed and loosely belted, you know it's time to break out Wine Wars. This trivia game tests your knowledge on everything from grape growing to wine tasting. May the biggest wine nerd win!

Or if board games aren't your family's thing, how about breaking out Tasting Room's tasting kit for some hands-on fun? Dinner may be over, but that doesn't mean the wine has to stop flowing. Happy Thanksgiving!

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