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Game On With These 6 Wine-Themed Pastimes

If you're interested in learning more about wine, love showing off how great you are at wine trivia, or just want an excuse to drink on game night, this is the list for you.

Read Between The Wines! The Party Game of Wine, Wit & Wordplay

This game is hilarious fun for everyone, from wine beginners to aficionados, and even people who don't really drink wine (gasp!). Players sample wines and answer questions, then everyone votes on the answers, which can get pretty silly. Everyone will be laughing by the end. Read Between the Wines ($35) is recommended for four or more players, and would be great for playing in teams. Four bottles of wine not included!

Wine Wars: A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabes

An educational trivia game that's appropriate for wine lovers of all experience levels, Wine Wars ($20) will teach you plenty about your favorite drink as you answer questions and earn wine bottle tokens. The first to fill up their card wins, but you've got to cover every category. The game also includes some fascinating reading material to drink up or savor after the game is over.

Wine Lover's Playing Card Deck

Add a twist to poker night with these gorgeously simple playing cards, packed with interesting facts and trivia, but otherwise just like any other deck. Learn about everything from common varietals to famous bottlings as you make your straight. And at only $16, all bets are off – it's the perfect price for grabbing one and gifting one.


A trivia-based board game that's sure to delight any wine lover, Zinzig ($35) draws on both technical wine knowledge and pop-culture references. All you need are three bottles of wine and at least two people (teams would be fun, too). The game is beautifully designed and is a pleasure to play, especially with different wines each time.

Wine Smarts 2.0

Wine Smarts ($12) is basically a set of trivia cards – what you do with it is up to you. Which makes it easy to create a game that's just your speed. During a lull in the party or after dinner with friends, break out these cards and quiz each other while you enjoy some vino. Or turn it into a drinking game, with anyone that answers incorrectly being forced to take a sip. No wine is required, but it is highly recommended.

Winerd Wine Trivia and Blind Tasting Board Game

Ever wanted to be a part of a blind tasting? Here's your chance. Winerd ($20) features some easy trivia, but it's the blind tastings that make it really fun. It's a great way to find the wines you love – sort of like a Tasting Room mini tasting kit in board game form! They don't call it "the wine tasting game that crushes grape fears" for nothing. Grab a few bottles and your most wine-savvy friends, and get ready to test your knowledge.

Stock up for game night and get cozy with the Wine Rack Refill: Winter 2017 Edition. Game on!

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