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Tasting Notes: "Democratic Ticket" Wine Collection

With the slowest-ever presidential election vote count still in progress and stressing out the entire country, how about some wine-based levity? Here's what I imagine the tasting notes notes for a limited-edition "Democratic Ticket & Partners" wine collection might look like.

Joe Biden Rutherford Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2020
This easygoing Cab is certainly good enough, especially on a Wednesday. Aged for several decades, plus an additional few years in oak, the wine is accessible, unpretentious, and raring to go. Down-to-earth flavors of blue-tinged fruits give way to a generally crowd-pleasing (but sometimes head-scratching) finish that doesn't linger long after the last sip. Still, this is a fine example of how some things definitely get better, or at least somewhat acceptable, with age.

Jill Biden Columbia Valley Estate-Grown Syrah 2020
Just as this wine's namesake once adorably yet formidably body-checked a yelling vegan who dared to lunge at her husband, so too will this Syrah win you over upon first sip. Fruit-forward, energetic, and vaguely bad-ass flavors of sassafras and rhubarb are accented by subtle nuances of tough cookie and a touch of earth. Pair this spicy, charming red with equally zippy dishes such as penne arrabiata or massaman curry for a scrappy match that's just the ticket.

Kamala Harris Mendoza Malbec-Bonarda Red Blend 2020
A balanced blend of Malbec and Bonarda, this reliable red exudes vibrance and finesse — the perfect foil for any bland dish that needs a bit of spice. Competing interests complicate its unique flavor profile (Which grape variety dominates on the palate? Does it matter?), but the wine is ultimately poised, yet exuberant, with well-focused tannins and a persistent finish; it's a refreshingly modern expression of what the region has to offer. This is a wine to watch.

Douglas Emhoff Beaujolais Nouveau Gamay 2020
Typically not much is expected of Beaujolais Nouveau (or second gentlemen for that matter), but this wine may just turn out to be the sleeper of the collection. Cheerful aromatics of coffee bean and candied berries extend to the palate, where you'll also find gushing fruit underpinned by a supportive tannic structure. Savor this winning red with your favorite comfort foods for the ultimate pairing. Love what it's doing now, but who knows what it'll achieve if given a few years?

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