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Top 5 Wine Trends for 2019

Happy 2019! With a fresh new year of wine enjoyment upon us, I'd thought I'd check in with Tasting Room's resident sommelier, Jennifer Ingellis, for the top 5 wine trends of the coming year. Here's what you'll be hearing and talking about as you sip and swirl in 2019.

Tariffs will prompt us to drink more American wines. Since the prices for many imported wines will increase this year, Ingellis speculates that more Americans may start to look within the United States for their vino. Two up-and-coming U.S. wine regions, Texas and Arizona, may get their moment to shine.

Eastern Europe and South America will be the international regions to watch. Eastern European wines are starting to get more play in the media, particularly the wines from Croatia, according to Ingellis. Uruguay in South America is also starting to get noticed for their Tannat.

Rosé will still be hot. The only difference is that you'll notice rosés from regions outside of Provence starting to get more exposure in the marketplace. This is mainly due to the high prices that Provençal grapes command — plus, there's only so much rosé that the region can physically produce, as Ingellis points out. Other French regions like Bordeaux and Languedoc will make headway in the market, while Italian and Spanish rosés may gain traction.

"Smoke taint" will be the new industry buzzword. As a result of the pervasive wildfires that have devastated so much of California this past year, many area wineries are facing wines affected by the thick smoke that's blanketed growing regions for weeks at a time.

Indigenous varieties will get more airtime. Jen mentions Bonarda from Argentina, Nero d'Avola from Italy, and Bobal from Spain as the varieties to watch out for.

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