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Valentine Gifts for Wine Lovers

Whether you're celebrating this Valentine's Day with friends, family, or a significant other, the perfect present goes a long way in expressing how you feel about them. Here are some great gift ideas for that special wine lover in your life.

Clockwise from top left:

What's more fun than hosting a blind wine tasting on Valentine's Day? Conduct your tasting like the pros with this set of 10 Valentine-themed burlap blind bags. (And here are some tips on how to host your own blind tasting!)

Wine and chocolate: the classic Valentine's Day pairing. This box of Andy Anand's chocolate-covered almonds comes with a mahogany wine opener set that will last long after all the wine and chocolate are gone. Just add the bottle of your choice to complete the gift.

Don't let wine's side effects put a damper on your Valentine's Day celebration. PureWine's wine wand is designed to remove the histamines and sulfites found in most wines, which are responsible for common reactions such as headaches, congestion, and hangovers.

Romantic bubble bath or steamy shower? You pick — and add in a bar of jammy, rich, artisan-made Merlot wine soap to really make things fun. The soap's ingredients include rosemary leaf extract, cranberry seeds, and real wine!

Reuse your old wine bottles as candle holders in a move that shows you're both environmentally conscious and romantic at the same time. Just recork the bottles with these DecoGlow wine cork candles (they're even Merlot-scented) and you're good to go!

For a more classic candle option, this 8-ounce Cabernet-scented candle looks and smells like the real thing.

Maybe your plan is to forgo the candlelit dinner for an outdoorsy picnic and hike, in which case these Yeti wine tumblers will come in handy. Built to last and maintain your wine at the perfect temperature, these sturdy tumblers are the perfect thing to bring along on a romantic adventure.

For something a little different, these stemless Champagne flutes are a trendy way to show off that sparkling wine you plan on popping open. Best of all, they're shatterproof and dishwasher safe!

And finally, in the middle of all these great gifts is the Valentine's Day present we think is most interesting and fun — the Tasting Room tasting kit. Spend the holiday tasting through six mini bottles of wine, then let us know what you think of each one. We'll create a personal tasting profile for you based on your answers so you can learn more about what kind of wine drinker you are!

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