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Vino on the Go in the World's First Wine Car

Didn't get what you really wanted for Christmas? That's probably because you didn't get the 2019 Lexus ES 350 — the world's first pimped-out wine car.

Debuted at the annual SEMA show, the car is a beautiful, rich, red hue on the outside, but it's not until you check out the interior that the real beauty of this ride is revealed.

Hidden in the trunk is a wine cooler with the capacity for six bottles and four wineglasses, as well as a fold-out table. Decorative wine barrels line the corners. The floormats are made of cork. And the headrests feature wine-themed stitching. It's the wine lover's dream car — and definitely the classiest way to tailgate.

Unfortunately, the ES 350 is only a concept a car and not up for sale, which may be a good thing. While the idea is pretty awesome, it's probably not a good look if you get pulled over by the cops.

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