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We're Going Gourmet!

Time flies when you’re having fun, especially when wine’s involved. It feels like yesterday that we launched Lot18, and today we’ve got more exciting news.

We’re going gourmet!

We started Lot18 to help our members discover great wines. We truly believe that a major part of enjoying a fantastic bottle is the context: great company and great food. While we’ve tried to help with the latter by suggesting wine pairings with each bottle, we’re now going one step further: we’re bringing the right food to you.

As we continue to curate offers of interesting and exciting wines with our devoted members in mind, we’ll do the same for gourmet food. It’s been a delicious couple of months of tasting hard-to-find products and meeting fascinating producers. Caviar for breakfast? Single-flower honey samples? Shots of artisan vinegar? Everything is fair game, and nothing is left to chance: we are committed to making Lot18 your source for discovering the best gourmet food made with the best possible ingredients by the best producers, all at attractive prices. 

This news is important for a few reasons. First, we’ll be able to pair most food items we curate with our wine offers—our team is committed to tasty matches made in heaven. We’ll even try to source the right table accompaniments: the proper spoons with caviar and sharp knives with our steaks. Best of all, we’re now able to ship to every contiguous state. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, you’re no longer left out of the Lot18 party!

Lot18 may have started with wine, but we’ve barely touched the tip of the epicurean iceberg. As the godfather of gastronomy, Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, reminds us in the Physiology of Taste, “A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.” Here’s to a delicious future with Lot18. We hope you’ll join us at the table.

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