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Why You Should Be Drinking Mulled Wine Right Now

Ever wonder what mulled wine is and why it's so popular in the winter? Let us enlighten you.

Mulled wine (not to be confused with wassail, an alcohol-free drink that's more like a spiced cider) is basically red wine that's warmed and infused with spices. It's soul-warming and delicious, and has been a winter tradition in Europe for centuries. You simply heat up some wine in a pot on the stove top and add some spices. These can include cinnamon, clove, star anise, and allspice, and fruits such as apple and orange. They're typically strained out before the warmed wine is served, but you can also leave the fruits in for garnish.

It's easy to make mulled wine at home, and the process leaves your house smelling cozy and yummy. You might even forget it's freezing out and that your sweater is itchy. Seriously — mulled wine makes the winter worth it. Here's our recipe for trying it yourself. Cheers!

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