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Wine in Cheese Recipes

We all know that wine and cheese are absolutely magical together. The two complement each other so well that they might as well be made together (which, by the way, has literally happened). Here are three recipes that incorporate wine and cheese in other oozy, delectable ways.

Red-Wine Grilled Cheese

When I get to heaven, this is what I expect to be waiting for me at the gate. A reduction of red wine and onions is slathered on the bread to achieve this Frankenwich. Is it crazy … or crazy delicious? You decide.

Wine & Thyme Macaroni and Cheese

Elevate the humble mac 'n' cheese to French bistro proportions with this elegant recipe that incorporates crisp white wine and fresh herbs. Bake it in a miniature cassoulet for bonus points.

Cheese Fondue

The granddaddy of all wine in cheese recipes is worth a mention, and fondue parties can be so much fun. Cook up a batch, pass out the skewers, and enjoy your wine and cheese all in one shot. I love an efficient meal.

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