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Wine-Friendly Appetizer: Roasted Padron and Shishito Peppers

July at the farmers market marks a wonderful shift in what produce is available. You begin to see big heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, bell peppers in many colors, and then in some stands you will find these beauties — little padron and shishito peppers. The dark green padron hails from Spain and typically the smaller ones are sweet, although on occasion – if left on the vine to grow larger – they can kick up some heat. The shishitos, which are light green, originate from Japan and are almost always tender and sweet — but on a rare occasion you can get one that is mad and hot. I would pair this appetizing snack with a Spanish Rioja or a crisp, clean Sauvignon Blanc. Preparation couldn't be easier.

Simply rinse the peppers and dry them with a towel to remove any moisture, then heat a pan over medium heat and coat it with 3 tablespoons of quality olive oil. When the oil is hot and shimmering, toss the peppers in — swirl the pan occasionally to blister the peppers.

You are going for a blistering of the skin – about 5-6 minutes should get you there:

Once your peppers are blistered, similar to the padron above, simply add to a serving dish and sprinkle with coarse sea salt to serve.

You can eat the whole pepper, seeds and all, discarding the stem.

I guarantee, within minutes the peppers will be gone and your bowl will be filled with stems. This is a perfect appetizer to devour while standing around the island in the kitchen with friends.

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