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Wine Gifts: The Ten Dollar Rule

No matter who you are thinking of giving a bottle of wine to as a gift (except a lover, which we will cover in a separate post) ALWAYS follow the $10 rule. First off, it is best to find out what they like to drink from a mutual friend, their significant other or a colleague. Once you have an idea of what they like to drink, decide what price point you are comfortable spending on this person …then add $10! It’s that simple. For instance, if it is a co-worker’s birthday and you only want to spend $10 to begin with, turning it into $20 will allow for a much larger range of wines to choose from. That little bit extra can also mean a much better wine. This will ultimately end up in a much nicer gift and it only costs you a measly ten bucks. This really works at any price point below $60. So don’t be a cheap wad. Pony up a little extra for a much better gift!

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