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Wine Made Underwater

Still deciding where to go this summer? How about Croatia, land of endless waterfalls, stunning castles, and now, the world's first underwater winery? That's right, the only way to visit Edivo Vina winery is to strap on your scuba gear and dive into the Adriatic Sea.

Edivo Vina's wines are aged in amphorae, or clay jugs, for one to two years underwater because, according to the owners, the ocean provides the two ideal conditions for aging wine: a steady cool temperature and perfect silence. The amphorae also imparts a pinewood aroma to the wine while maintaining its color and quality. To make things even more awesome, the amphorae are stored in a sunken boat that doubles as an underwater wine cellar.

Photo courtesy of Edivo Vina

Um, when's the next flight to Croatia?

For landlubbers who prefer to enjoy their wine on shore, Edivo Vina offers their wines for purchase through their website.

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